New window (e.g. diff window from VCS) opens minimized on Lion

I can't remember what I did exactly, but I think it was something as simple as using COMMAND+TAB+DOWN ARROW whilst having two IntelliJ windows open at the same time to go the Expose style view in Lion where you can select which window you want. After that, now whenever I do something like "Compare with Latest Version," the new diff window, which should open with the focus (i.e. on top of the main IntelliJ window) opens and is immediately minimized. Anyone know the fix for this??

Thanks! It's driving me crazy!


I have this same problem with RubyMine 4.0 on Lion.  In addition my diff seems to be visually broken in that I can't see the updates I make to it and the highlighting does not update correctly when I scroll.


Yeah, I experienced the additional problems you described as well. I wish I could offer anything helpful, but just recently this problem vanished for me as mysteriously as it came. I'm pretty sure it's a Mac thing, I really just cannot come up with any explanations for what I might have done to cause or fix the problem. The only thing I can even guess at is that playing with Mission Control in Sys Prefs, or any other settings related to the Desktop / Windowing / UI management in OS X may fix it for you - I have this (very) vague recollection that I did something like that at one point and then sometime shortly after that I noticed that the problem went away.


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