Derby/JavaDB management in 11 - start, stop, browse tables, etc.

Hi Folks. Happily returning to IDEA (11.0.2) after a sabbatical, and  I've started working with GlassFish (3.1.1) in the IDE. I'm able to  run/deploy my app, but I noticed that IDEA does not automatically start  Derby for my project, which I've set up with the JPA facet. I've found  the Data Sources tab, and I know about the ij program, but does IDEA  have a database management feature to start and stop the server, create  and drop tables, etc? Thank you -- matt

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There is no special support for starting and stopping a database. You can create some batch or shell scripts and configure external tools for them (see Settings / External Tools). I did so.

Accessing a database via SQL, and thus, creating-dropping-updating-querying tables is certainly supported. Keywords are "database console". See and around.


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Thanks, Alexander! I read your excellent online help last night, and got caught up on this. Much appreciated -- matt


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