jsf not recognizing methods with is*


A first look at the JSF integration (5321) looks promising, though, IDEA
marks all references to methods starting with is* as red (unknown).
e.g. disabled="#{myBean.myMethod}" where the method
"boolean myBean.isMyMethod" exits.

And then something to the "var=" problem.
I am ware that a IDE cant easily determine the type of a variable
created with "var=" in the JSF tree.
What would be nice if we could "assign" a class name to such a var.
Generally speaking, it would be nice to be able to "assign" a class name
to each unknown root token.
<h:datatable var="item" value="#{bean.data}" .... >
<h:outputText value="#{item.property}"

Here "item" is unknown, now it would be great to press "alt-enter/assign
class". For sure, this assignment has NOT to be stored somewhere else
than within the project settings. This has nothing todo with
faces-config.xml or so, just a hint for the code completion stuff.


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