Creating a general purpose module

Been working on eclipse and currently evaluating IntelliJ.   This is obviously a total newbie question but just can't find the answer anywhere.

In eclipse I have a project who's purpose was database management and upgrades.  It basically contains a bunch of SQL scripts.  In eclipse you can simply create a general purpose project and put whatever you want in it.

On the other hand I cannot figure out how to configure the IntelliJ module for this.  When I select "New Module" I am presented with a list of options like "Java Module", "Web Module" etc.  none of which fit.

I simply want a place to house these scripts that is separate from all the other modules and accessible from the UI.

Any help?


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AFAIK there's no such module like "general purpose" one. What I use for things like SQL/DDL scripts is New module > Create module from scratch > Java Module > Do not create source directory > SQL support (checked).

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A little odd but I guess it works.  Thanks.


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