Basic Pure AS3 Setup

Sorry if this is the wrong place to ask, but I just bought the pro version to do mostly JavaScript but setting up for Flash is proving extremely hard.

I have a main AS3 class in /source/com/mygame/core/

I have a swf file in /deploy/mygame.swf

I am pointing to my FlexSDK as set up in FlashDevelop.  This is the latest version from Adobe.

I'm using the latest version of IntelliJ Idea  11.0.2

No matter what I do or where I look, I can't seem to figure out how to set it up to compile correctly.  When the game compiles, it does not seem to be updating mygame.swf.  It's compiling to somewhere else or not compiling at all ( I can't tell which).  This is a project created in FlashDevelop and works perfectly there.  There are no compile errors.  Do you have some sort of basic guide to set up for pure AS3 settings?  I'm pretty flummoxed.

Any ideas what's going wrong?

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In IntelliJ IDEA 11.0 output path is configured at Flex Compiler Settings tab of the Flex Module at Project Structure dialog.
In IntelliJ IDEA 11.1 the whole ActionScript or Flex project setup is completely redesigned (see, try, and     now output path is set at Flash build configuration page.

In IntelliJ IDEA 11.0 also please make sure that run configuration is based on swf file (i.e. not on main class):

In 11.1 version run configuration is redesigned and setup is more obvious now.


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