Frameworks aren't detected in Idea 11

Hi, guys!
I want to create a JSF project in Intellij IDEA 11.
I created rich propject from scratch without any frameworks support and added  testMod module into it.

According to instruction "Adding a jsf facet to an existing module" i did following:
1. Selected Open Module Settings Dialog menu item
The following one appeared:
With the desired module selected (testMod), I click the New button add on the toolbar, and according help topics i should see Web facet in the list of available facets. But it was abscent. i only detected  Flex Framework there.
Ok... Reading help contetnts further i learned that i must configure web facet. First of all i tried to add it to my module.
What i saw:
Then i looked through existing frameworks (Add frameworks support in popup panel on testMod module):
So only SQL Support framework exist!
How it could be?
How can i install jsf framework?

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Are you using the Community (Free) edition, or the Ultimate (licensed) edition? Web frameworks (including JSF) are not supported in the community edition. (see So you'll need to run the Ultimate Edition. (There is a 30 day trial available.)

If you are in the ultimate edition, go into File > settings > IDE Settings > Plugins and make sure the "Java EE Integration" and "JSF Support" plugins are enabled.

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I use IDEA 11.0.2 Ultimate Edition. Java EE Integration and JSF Support are enabled in the Plugins section of IDE Settings.
It seems, i've resolved my problem.
Creating empty project from scratch i choose Web Module type (as the most suitable for JSF app) as shown on the snapshot:
So, i found that this project type doesn't support any web frameworks as i  show in my previous post.
But when i created project with Java Module type i found all frameworks i needed.
It seems strange to me that Web Module doesn't support any web frameworks.
For what purposes and projects should i use this project type?
Or, maybe, it's a IDEA bug?

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Glad you resolved it. Sorry I did not realize in your original post that you had created a Web Module and not a Java Module. A Web Module is for basic HTML, PHP,  JavaScript and/or CSS based web sites. If you are building a Java based Web Application, you need a Java Module with a Web Application facet. In the EAP (early access program) builds of the forthcoming IDEA 11.1 they have changed the wording of the description for Web Module to make this clearer.

  • IDEA 11.0.x:   Provides facilities for developing web applications.
  • IDEA 11.1:     Creates an empty module that enables developing web applications using HTML/HTML5, PHP, JavaScript, and style sheets.

Other than this bump in the road, I hope you enjoy using IntelliJ IDEA as much as we all do. Welcome to the community,

Best Regards,

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Mark, thanks a lot for your help!


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