Incremental build recompiles everything on initial load


We are currently evaluating IntelliJ and working with version 11.0.2.

We are moving from Flash Builder and working through various bits and pieces to get our project compiling. We are nearly there and feel very positive about the IDE and nearly ready to go with a group developer set of licenses.

However, one thing I have noticed and wanted to determine whether this is an IDE bug or fixable by some setting somewhere is to do with incremental building.

When I start up IntelliJ for the first time and "make" the top level project it will build all dependant modules even when nothing has changed. Once it has trundled through the build, all subsequent builds will be performed incrementally. It is only when starting IntelliJ and performing the first build in that instance the problem occurs.

Is there something that is causing this behaviour?

Kind Regards,
Darren Evans

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You are right, incrementality is lost when project closed. You can add corresponding request:


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