UI Designer, Javac2, and Gradle

Anyone get Javac2 to work in a Gradle script for UI Designer Swing UIs?

I've found some emails from a few years back which describe some Gradle snippets which used to work, then stopped - and nothing since then.

Has anybody got the IDEA javac2 task working in Gradle scripts?

One (ugly) workaround is to tell the UI designer to generate Java code into the .java file instead of relying on javac2 to inject it into the .class file, but that's not friendly to do in automated builds.  I'd like to find something more elegant.

Thanks in adavance...



Did you ever come up with a solution for this?  I am running in to the same issue where I am ending up with a NPE.



Short term, I've set IDEA to generate the UI code into the .java file.  I hate that, but then it removes the need for using the javac2 compiler.

Long term, I need to file a bug/feature request with the Gradle team, as several other folks have had the same issue - you used to be able to override the compiler the Ant task used, but that broke a while back.

Douglas Bullard


Thanks for the update.  I will probably just stick with an ant build for this project until there is a fix on the gradle side.



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