JAX-WS generated port type

  IDEA is showing one of the generated classes from JAX-WS as in error. I have interface first web service implementation, the generated code from maven "wsimport" compile and runs fine. But when I open the gerenated class in the IDEA its showing the errors.

Mostly with this line
  constructor Service(java.net.URL,javax.xml.namespace.QName,javax.xml.ws.WebServiceFeature[])

Note: I'm using 1.6 version of Apple JDK and have latest "jaxb-api.jar" and "jaxws-api.jar" in the lib/endorsed folder of my JDK home.

Is anyone else seeing this? or is it just me? any help appreciated.

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I guess this post explains a bit more, read the last comment. Its for Netbeans but would apply equally to IDEA


If anyone is looking for solutions, its just not possible since IDEA will always show errors on generated source. I was able to compile and run the code without erros but; seeing errors on IDEA was just annoying. If you want the latest realese of JAXWS leave with it, if not switch to 2.1 version which is bundled default in JDK 1.6 u 24+


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