Heirarchical Run/Debug Configuration Control

My Run/Debug selector is getting mondo crowded - it very nearly reaches the bottom of the screen. Could we get this changed so that we can make it heirarchical?

I'm not terribly picky as to wether the groupings are arbitrary user provided or are based upon some objective criteria.

Most of the configurations that I have are for JUnit tests so it would make sense to group them by package and then by class (if there are configurations for running individual tests within a test class).


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I would also like to add to this that it would be nice if we could have some sort
of 'inheritance' to the configuration: a set of related debugging tasks
can all be configured using one set of parameters like classpath etc.

This would allow easier changing of said parameters when the environment changes (i.e. when a jar needs to be added/removed to/from the classpath)
without having to go through all the saved configurations.




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