[Q] Ubuntu + IntelliJ 11.0.2 CE + JDK 7 Problem

Hello All

I trying to create an android project and my setup is

Ubuntu 11.10 64-bit
Oracle Java SDK 7
Android Tools properly installed
IntelliJ Idea 11.0.2 Community Edition

When I try to create android project I get I prompt to set JSDK.

Although I has been stated in an other post http://devnet.jetbrains.net/thread/433420 that

You need to download JSDK 1.6 (Java SE 6) from Oracle's site. We don't support Android development with JDK 1.7. It'll be supported in IDEA 11.1

So Is it still un supported in 11.0.2 aswell.

On windows 7 64-bit I have it working with IntelliJ Idea 11.0.2 Full version + JDK 7.

Can any one comment on this?

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The answer is the same. It'll be supported in IDEA 11.1. Its EAP is already available. IDEA 11.0.2 is earlier version.


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