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   wondering if somebody can answer the following....

1. I like the 'Export test Results' feature for TestNG results i.e. export format to HTML. Is there a way to force this to automatically happen rather than having to export the results manually?

2. How can i configure etc to use a different reporter, i just ran a test and set the 'Test runner parameters:' config in 'Run/Debug Configurations' panel to use the following -listener org.testng.reporters.DotTestListener but this doesnt seem to output a files anywhere, but i think i can see the dots in the test results console for each test method.

How can i get an output files for a custom reporter or any reporter for that matter including the one integrated in IntelliJ?

I'm trying out IntelliJ 11.0 community edition and love it :-) but would need to be able to do the above!


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ooops, also what version of TestNG is IntelliJ 11 using?

The latest on the testng.org site is testng-6.4.jar. I assume that if i include this above version in my 'Dependencies' that the version will be overriden by the plug in version?


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