Messages not clearing

I seem to have a problem with warning and error messages not clearing after the issue has been removed.
Take a look at this creenshot here:
intellij messages.png

I've comented out the whole class, and then recompiled and yet still it comes up with a warning?
I've seen the same with compile errors, and then happily ran he program.

Am I missing something?


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I'm not sure how IDEA gets those message. (That is, are they straight from the compiler, or does it manage them somehow.) You can try running "Rebuild Project" from the Build menu. That will recompile all source files in the project. Normally only files that have changed get recompiled. It's possible that the tracking of what files need recompiling is corrupt. If a "Rebuild Project"does not solve the issue, go to File > Invalidate Caches. Then restart IDEA, open your project, and wait for IDEA to rebuild the project's index. It's possible something is just off in the caches.

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Thanks Mark I'll give that a go next time I see it.


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