Idea 11.02 troubles in Ubuntu


For some reason I get graphical glitches in 11.02, and I also can't seem to import projects as modules anymore after a while.  I have no idea what's going on but it's unworkable.

So for clarity I'll explain what I did.

I've got 12 multi-module maven projects that need to be open in IntelliJ at the same time.  The main project is the one I open first, the others are kind of sattelite applications.  I open them as new module.  I've been able to open 10 projects like that, but after that not a single project gets imported when I do the same action (new module - external model - maven module).  I first thought it was some kind of limit so I removed one module and then tried to reimport it, which didn't work anymore.

I decided to try the new early access version 114.145 but it doesn't even start up.  It gives me the import settings dialog with evaluation/license option and that's it.  After that it's a java process in sleep mode that doesn't do anything.

This is on Ubuntu 11.04 with Gnome 2.x.

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Please delete (or rename) ~/.IntelliJIdea11/system/ directory and try to start IDEA. If it hang again please attach logs.

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<Sigh> nevermind...  I broke my brand new SSD drive.  That was the problem.


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