New CVS Dialog

I haven't been using EAP builds for awhile, but just started checking out 5245.

I'm a bit befuddled by the new CVS project commit dialog. In particular, I created a bunch of new classes and elected not to add them to CVS at creation time. The old CVS project commit dialog would list such classes and allow for adding them in bunches. The new one doesn't list them at all. Same thing for deleted files.

Am I missing something or is the new dialog a work in progress ?

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In Demetra, you use the "Changes" toolwindow for what your describing. Quite a bit more powerful, if less quick. I would love to have the old functionality coexist, if possible.

--Dave Griffith

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I've found the changes window, it took me a lot of hunting to figure out what your talking about. I sense a lot of power in this feature, but for the particular use case I mentioned above, it seems akward.

As a user who finds CVS generally confusing and fustrating, the old Project Commit dialog was comforting and easy to understand. Now I feel kinda lost again, and don't have a good feeling as to where my code is compared to CVS. :(

I hope a facade similar to the old project commit dialog can be built over the change tracker.


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