Questions about lib directory content in IDEA home

Hi all,

Over years lib folder accumalated jars for ~75 mb. Is realy thiese jars are still used?

For example, excluding boot.jar, idea.jar, idea_rt.jar, openapi.jar etc.
1. bcel.jar - Maybe it obsolete and already replaced by asm.jar?
An also, follow jars maybe duplicates:
2. common-*.jar and trove4j.jar
3. j2ee.jar and javaee.jar
4. j2ee.jar, javaee.jar, jsp-api.jar, jsf-api.jar, jasper2_rt.jar, servlet_api.jar and lib/rt/.jar, lib/rt/jasper2/.jar
5. jaxen.jar and jdom.jar
6. oromatcher.jar - look like obsolette since JDK 1.4
7. Mixed XML libraries - xerses.jar, saxpath.jar, jdom.jar, jaxen.jar, xml-apis.jar, xstream.jar

And also, maybe IDEA's internal jar will call with same prefix - 'idea'?
openapi.jar -> idea-openapi.jar
forms_rt.jar -> inline to idea.jar
annotations.jar -> inline to idea.jar
boot.jar -> idea-boot.jar
icons.jar -> idea-icons.jar
resources.jar -> idea-resources.jar

-- Alexey

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