Change in diff window resizing behaviour?

Has anyone else noticed a change in the way the diff window (e.g. when
comparing two CVS revisions of a file) behaves when it's resized?

I run my desktop across two 1280x1024 monitors arranged side by side and
was always able to size the diff window such that it spanned both
monitors. This worked very well with the splitter centred between the
files being compared.

With #5245 (can't recall if it occurs in earlier builds) I'm finding
that the maximum width I can get is 1292 pixels (which is 1280 plus
twice the window frame width).

Toolkit.getDefaultToolkit().getScreenSize() returns 2560x1024.

returns 1280x1024 (as does getBounds() on each GraphicsConfiguration I
can get hold of).

I'm running an xfce4 desktop on X.Org's 6.9.0 X server (with the radeon
driver with options MergedFB and MergedXinerama set true). I'm not sure
if X is returning bad data or if IDEA is only taking a single screen
into consideration.

Mark Scott

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