Deployment of a GWT based project on Tomcat

Is there any doc about how to configure IntelliJ 10.5 or 11 to create a war file for Tomcat for a GWT based project ?

In IntelliJ8 it was quite clear where to click to create a war for normal JSPs  - but in 10.5 i guess i overlook some settings..

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In IDEA 10.5 and 11 war files are configured using artifacts (File | "Project Structure" | Artifacts). By default artifacts are created automatically
when you create a new web project or open a project created in IDEA 8. If artifacts aren't configured you can create them by hand. Firstly create an
exploded artifact using '+' button located above the artifacts list in Project Structure dialog, and then create a war artifact.

If artifact is configured you can build the war file using Build | 'Build Artifacts' action.

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