Small quirks...


there exist some small issues that could so easily be fixed. And I hope
you JetBrainers will go and fix them asap. Of course I love all those
new features you implement. But please don't forget that some of us
still have to write some Java code...

1. Code Completion black list: Try to complete a
IllegalArgumentException. You get a hole bunch of those "com.sun..."
stuff. I really want to blacklist all classes from those packages or at
least put them at the end of the list.

2. Ctrl-Shift-Space within if/for. Come on guys, I'm sure you tried
this. I often end up with too many ";" at the wrong positions...

3. Overloaded constructors. I really want to see the (quick) Javadoc for
an overloaded constructor. But I don't know a way to get it. I just have
to manually add some parameters...

So continue your really great work but do not forget about all those
little basic things that make life so easy and development a pleasure.

Johannes Schneider

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Hello, Johannes,

I'm going to look at issue 2, as for the others, I think they are not so small to bypas planning, so we will probably need requests to JIRA.

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It turns out I'm not quite sure what the problem is. Could you please post an example of issue 2?


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