document root for css and hrefs to static files

Is it possible to define a docroot inside my project for all static files?

For example, all static files lie within /src/htdocs/

css in /src/htdocs/css/
images in /src/htdocs/img/
js in /src/htdocs/js/

and so on.

At the moment the css-editor tells me all my image-path in css are wrong because it cannot resolve the path "/img/foo.png"

The velocity/html-editor doesn't even try to resolve internal file references I think.

Is it possible to set a document root for my projekt to make the errors useful?

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One possible solution: you can mark src/htdocs as a web resource directory. See Project Structure dialog / your module / your web facet / Web Resource Directories table. Then css file in src/htdocs/css resolves an URL like "/img/picture.png".


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Edit: Sorry wrong thread.


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