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For me, the task management feature is quite a nice thing to have. Unfortunately, the connection between tasks and changelists is somewhat fragile and difficult to handle.
It all works fine, when creating a new task to create an acompanying changelist. Sometimes, however, changelists vanish (seems to happen often when checking in changes, mainly if the changelist is not active). This causes a task to not have a changelist attached. I also have the case that a task vanished and the changlist remained (not having a reproduction here).

Now to my question: is there any way to connect a changelist to an existing (or newly created) task? I tried the "Set active changelist" option, but that does not connect. After changing tasks, the default changelist is the active one again.

In general, to me it would be more beneficial to have only one concept, i.e. a task always corresponds to a changelist. But maybe I simply have a different usage pattern than others.


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The only way to establish this connection now to invoke Tools -> Tasks ->
"Create changelist" command, and then copy changes to the created
Feel free to submit a request for "Connect changelist to task" feature.


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