Demetra 5181 CVS ext SSH with PPK problem

I installed Demetra 5181 and imported my settings from IDEA 5.1.1 (Build 4171). Now I cannot get CVS to work (CVS Roots). Parameters :ext:user@host, Use internal ssh implementation, Allow both, Use private key file. I set the password but pressing "Test Connection" yields "Value must not be null!". I had many problems with the settings also in 5.1.1 enabling a private key file. I got permanent password problems (using the new passphrase). After many attempts playing with different parameters and entering them in various sequences, I finally got it to work - but I do not know why it works. This is on Windows XP and Mac OS-X 10.4.5.
Without CVS working I cannot preview Demetra :(

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I actually had the exact same problem yesterday too. My CVS over SSH works
fine in 5.1, but I got the "Value must not be null!" error in Demetra.



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