Remote Run filters out active projects


I am having an issue with version 11.0.0, where I can only run remote run on teamcity for certain project configurations. I didn't open a ticket on youtrack because I first would like to understand if this is the correct way to do it.
If I have a project configured on teamcity, checkout from git and I also made it trackable on the IDE through TeamCity Notification I expect it to be on the Teamcity tab as a project related to the current IDEA project.

If a project is shown on the Teamcity tab while filters are active I am assuming it will allow me to run remote runs. The problem is the same colleagues that choose to run multiple projects in the same IDEA window (while I only run a project per window) have all the same configurations as I do in TeamCity but their projects gets filtered out and remote run cannot find any suitable builds.

What does IDEA do to associate an IDE Notification rule with an open project? I would like to pinpoint the issue so even with multiple projects it can correlate the IDE rule with one of the projects open.

Kind regards.


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