Unmappable character for encoding UTF-8


Intellij version : 110.291
Maven version : 2.2.1

Intellij then I compile some classes output : "unmappable character for encoding UTF-8".

The encoding in my POM is set to CP1252. The project encoding (and even file encoding!!) in setting > File encodings is set to windows-1252. The checkbox autodetect UTF-encoded file is unchecked. The files in "error" are opened by Intellij with windows-1252.

So why do Intellij try to compile the file with UTF-8 ??? ?:|

Thanks for your help! :)



If I set IDE encoding to windows-1252, Intellij now compiles correctly. But what is the consequence of that ?


IDE passes project encoding to Javac via '-encoding' command line argument.


So what is the purpose of File Encoding > Default Encoding associated to file  / directory ?

Is it only for editing ?



The issue is that only one encoding setting is provided for the compiler. It's not per file.



Why does it do this?

When I compile with ant on the command line, it works all fine, no errors.

I just upgraded from 10.5 to 11 and boom, I get this error again!

I sing the praises of IntelliJ to everyone I meet, but this is ridiculous.

Please tell me how I can IntelliJ to not do what it is doing and just build as if I executed javac XXX.java on the command line. Javac seem perfectly capable of detecting the encoding without the -encoding flag.


If you compile your class with javac without encoding, javac is using the default encoding of your platform.

Have you try to set the "IDE encoding" ?


The project encoding is set to UTF-8.

So any files I create I want encoded in UTF-8.

I have one file that is part of a 3rd party interface spec (just delivered in source form, no binaries) that is windows-1252. All the other files are UTF-8. I have setup the encoding for that one file to be windows-1252.

I have an ant script that builds everything and it works fine. I guess it is *not* passing -encoding flag to javac. However, IntelliJ passes -encoding flag for the project and javac thinks this file is UTF-8 when it isn't.

I guess what I'm looking for is a way to tell IntelliJ just to chill and not pass that -encoding flag. Does IntelliJ pass -encoding when the project encoding is set? Perhaps splitting that setting to says 'create files in this encoding' and 'check to pass that encoding to javac' or something.

I just don't understand why I can compile file on the command line (mixing UTF-8 and windows-1252 encoded files) fine, but it blows up in IntelliJ.


I make the assumption your default encoding platforme is windows-1252 (ie. your OS is windows).

In my opinion you UTF-8 files compile with windows-1252 because they doesn't contain special character. So they compile perfectly with ant and on the command line which use windows-1252 as the encoding sheme.

Intellij use UTF-8 and your 3rd party file contains windows-1252 character. So it doesn't compile.

To test my hypothesis, try to set the encoding of the java ant task.


I will test it when I get home.



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