Can Tomcat configuration execute maven package in one of the depencies?

Hi all,

I have a multi-project maven web application that looks sth similar to this:

   - p1 pom.xml (packaging jar)
   - p2 pom.xml (packaging jar)
   - p3 pom.xml (packaging war)

p3.xml has a war packaging and a dependency with the jars from p1 and p2.

I have a Tomcat configuration that deploys the exploded war from p3. So far so good, everything is working fine.

The problem pops in when I add a p4 project that also generates a jar, but this time through the assembly plugin attached to the package maven phase. No matter what I do IntelliJ does never generate the Jar invoking the package phase when launching tomcat. I've tried using the "run Maven Goal" option in the tomcat configuration tab and although I see the package phase executes the produced jar is not used.

Is there anything I can do to force IntelliJ to use the jar produced by mvn package in p4 when running p3 generated war in tomcat?

many thanks in adavance

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