IntelliJ IDEA editor shows type error but the project compiles just fine.


FIrst let me mention that I am new to IntelliJ IDEA and this is my first projected with it.

My context:
I imported a maven project from svn. I build it and everything worked.
However in certain classes where I use a 3rd party library the editor highlights a lot of line of code as type errors.
The error is :Incompatible types: Expected ClassA, Found ClassA. That's right the expected and found are identic.
I have this problem only when using the api from a single packages (vcloud-java-sdk-1.5).

I attached a screenshoot of the error.

What I tried so far:
- Invalidate caches
- Reimport the project
- Search through the maven dependencies to see if I have multiple versions of the same lib imported.

Can anyone help me to sort this one? I am using the trial version of IntelliJ Ultimate 11.



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