Exporting dependency analysis?

I love IDEA's dependency analysis tool. Tells me exactly what I need to know in certain cases.

I am now in a situation where I need this information (or a subset of it) in a report that is included as part of my company's "quality process" (although I'm not sure how much quality it actually provides :<)

Is there any way to run the dependency analysis and export the results into a structured file of some sort. Ideally, I would like to export the dependency analysis that I can then process/transform offline?

Alternatively, is there a way to run this tool outside of IDEA from a command line, perhaps as part of a build script?

Thanks for any advice!

- Tim

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Answered my own question, in part: I just found the export to text file button on the results pane. As it turns out, the default screen layout for this pane is quite small and several buttons don't show up until you re-size.

This option stills leaves me itching for an output file that is more easily processed and transformed by automated tools. Is there any way to get this content in an XML file?


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