Changes without version control

Hi there,

Would JetBrains consider offering the changes functionality when one does
not have a version control system enabled for the project?

The local history in IDEA is powerfull enough as to offer a lot of functionality
when one is not using one of the intergrated vcs plugins. What I would like
to have access to:
- mark project as current (similar to what the source safe plugin offers)
- a list of files I changed since the last "mark as current" action (what
the changes toolwindow offers right now)
- gutter marker in the editor for changed/added lines
- the diff for changed files (compare with the initial state, when project
was marked as up-to-date).

Right now I can get the above when setting the version control to source
safe (although I don't use source safe). However, you could "package" this
as a default, local version control system and offer all these neat benefits
for users that cannot use one of the available vcs plugins.

What do you think?


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