Branch compare within SVN explorer not showing all versions

What I am trying to do is compare two release
versions. Within SVN browser I add two versions (with the plus button)
of the project and supply the appropriate urls. Both show up
in the SVN repositories pane, 1 on each line which can be exploded.
I then click on the first, right click Compare With Branch Or Tag and a popup which displays the same tag/version which I selected. I don't have the option to compare it to the other tagged version which I had added. It appears that I can only compare the version with itself.
Have I got this wrong how it works or is there a problem?

Version : 11 Build #iU-111.69
OS : Windows XP 32 bit
Java 1.6.0_29

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Hello Steve,

You should add URL that is above both branches, then navigate to the first branch, press "Compare with..", and select second branch

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Hi Irina,

Thanks for the help, that works a treat.



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