strange IDE behaviour

I have noticed two more strange IDE behaviours:

1. It won't let me rename an enum.  It Hit Shft-f6, type my new name,
then an invisibl ehand appears and types the original name on top of
what I have typed.

2. When I am typing some code that has syntax errors, e.g. excess or
missing commas, It often refuses to let me place the mouse where I
want.  I have to place it somewhere nearby where I want it and use the
arrow keys to home in to let me correct the error.

I would far far sooner you corrected bugs rather than added new
features, including even the tiniest bugs.  I would like the problem
of typing lag fixed 1000 times more than any new feature I could
Roedy Green Canadian Mind Products
One of the most useful comments you can put in a program is
"If you change this, remember to change ?XXX? too".

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Hi Roedy,

I agree that fixing editing-related bugs has more priority but we need to know about the problems in order to get them fixed. Have you submitted corresponding tickets to the tracker that describe the problem use-cases and provide steps to reproduce?



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