How to go to methods quickly

What is the recommended/fastest way to go to a method.

Use case: I have a class file open and want the editor to show me method xyz or field abc. Please note: The correct class is already open.

Approach 1:
- use mouse to click on the appropriate node in the structure tree

- requires mouse
- requires expanding of nodes
- requires manual search

Approach 2:
- similar to Approach 1, but type the name of the method after clicking into the structure window

- requires mouse
- only finds nodes that are expanded

Approach 3:
- Go To -> Symbol

- Searches for occurences of symbol in project(which takes time)
- requires manual selection from a list (i.e. one needs to look at the list to find the correct entry)

Approach 4:
- Use Alt-Up/Alt-Down to go to previous/next method.

- manual search

I really like the go to declaration/implementation/type declaration features, but am missing a "go to symbal in this file/class" functionality.

Did I miss something or should I file a feature request?


You missed one: Press CTRL+F12, then use the keyboard or mouse to select the desired method. You can also start typing the method name.


Ctrl-F, and then Ctrl-B to get to the implementation (unless I got lucky and was taken directly to the implementation).

It's cheesy, but it's what I usually do.

--Dave Griffith


Marcus, you just saved my day Thanks! ;)


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