Android Feature Request: Auto-load and Run on selected.

With IDEA 10.x pressing debug or run button would ask which Android device / emulator to run on before the start of the build - that has been moved to asking AFTER the build in IDEA 11.  While this makes sense from a process perspective - overall this is a big annoyance because the query is between build (which can take 2-3 minutes) and load/run (which can also take 2-3 minutes).  Before you could select the device or emulator and go do _something_ for 5 minutes. Now you have to sit and watch the build - for even minor changes so that you can select the device.  Often I come back to intellij after kicking off a build to find it waiting for me to the same device I've been working on all day.  

Please, please do 1 of 2 things:

1) add a button to 'auto-load and run' on 'selected' - and give me a way to go into android settings and change that if I need to later on.
2) change the UI to ask up front

Thank you!

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