Android Layout Preview - Custom Layouts - Missing classes.

Hello all -

I'm loving Intellij Idea11.  The new preview for Android is great.  One problem though is I cannot seem to get it to behave with custom classes.

Intellij cannot find my custom layout classes.  Above the preview it gives me an error message:

Missing classes:

What do I need to do to help Intellij render my custom layouts?

Thanks in advance,
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I've reloaded Intellij and it seems to be picking up the classes at this point.

Now I'm seeing this error:

Unable to initialize: <>

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sorry i cant answer your question because I'm new to programming Android apps but i would like to know where I can find tutrials on learning the language for it and just how to tutorials cause I really like this platform
where can I go to learn and get better at this?

Thank you


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