Add IntelliJ IDEA (No Extensions) start menu entry ala Firefox/Thunderbird/etc.

Ok, this might sound totally unnecessary since everyone using IDEA is supposed to be an uber geek, but I think it would be nice if you added a start menu entry "IntelliJ IDEA (No extensions)" which would start IDEA w/o any of the user-added extensions. You could go further and have "IntelliJ IDEA (Safe Mode)" which starts up with no extensions and doesn't automatically load the last workspace (if they have Reopenn last project on startup checked).

This would make it easier for people to test if the problem is extension related, rather than having to change your plugin path in

See attached pictures of how Mozilla Firefox and Thunderbird do it.

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That's a good idea in theory, but please not unless all plugin-related settings
(especially app-server configurations and run-configurations) are retained even when the
responsible plugin is not loaded. Otherwise there's a good chance that you'll spend an
additional very unpleasant hour fixing your project/ide setup just because you clicked the
wrong start-menu icon.


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+1 Safe mode is a good idea (no pun intended).

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Added Jira Request..

Add IntelliJ IDEA (No Plugins) Start Menu entry ala Firefox/Thunderbird/etc.

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Perhaps the installer should list all the default plugins that IDEA will install, with corresponding checkboxes, and you can choose the ones you want (instead of deleting them later). If you run the installer again, it detects that IDEA is already installed, and lets you either uninstall it or choose default plugins to add or remove.

Just an idea. ;)

- Chris


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