How to hide menu bar ?


How to hide menu bar ?
How to integrate to global-menu on Ubuntu ?
OS : Ubuntu


It's not possible at the moment. JDK does not support integrating with the Unity global menu, and we do not want to make an IntelliJ IDEA specific solution to something that ought to be handled by the JDK.


but you can change the font in the menu?


The menu font is determined by the active look & feel. There is no UI for changing it.


Is it possible to just hide it? In many apps it is possible to hide and F10 or invoking any menu with Alt+Key brings it.

I just want to use those vertical pixels and most of the time I'm not interacting or receiving any information from it.


Hi Jjdelc,

You can use View | Enter Full Screen to work with main menu hidden.


Andrey, but that forces Pycharm to be full screen not a window.

Strangely enough, I find the option available in my desktop PC (Pycharm 2016.2.3 Ubuntu + Fluxbox wm) where I do not want the full screen mode. But I cannot find it on my Laptop (Pycharm 2016.2.3 - Ubuntu with i3 tiled WM) where I do use Pycharm maximized.


Alternatively, you can enable Ubuntu global menu by enabling javanta java agent library, please see for details. Previously it was disabled because of the issues found with it, but we have fixed them, so now it should work fine.

We also have this request:


I don't use Unity so I cannot enable the global menu. The bug you point to is what I am also asking for. The plugin mentioned there addresses what I wanted. Thanks.

For anyone else landing here, this is the plugin that I used - It is available from the plugin manager under that name,


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