Inspection-JS license data

When I start Demetra, I always get a Inspection-JS license data dialog. But
Inspection-JS is NOT installed on my machine - just Refactor-J.

How I can get rid of that dialog?



Due to a hasty release to get around an OpenAPI issue in IDEA 5.1RC1, we accidentally introduced this error in our build process. It is fixed in the latest release. If you update your Refactor-J via the Plugin Manager, you will not be asked for an Inspection-JS license again. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

Note also that Inspection-JS is not at present working under Demetra. We intend to have a Demetra release out for it (and Refactor-J, and Refactor-X, and MetricsReloaded) within the next two days.

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