Javadoc only shows method signature


I'm using the latest release of Intellij 11 CE. I've an Android project. I open javadoc for a method or object from the Android SDK using Ctrl-J shortcut. what it shows is only the object contract or method signature. What's missing is the description of the method or object. In eclipse, I'm used to have that information avaible when I press F2.

In the project setting page, I already have the documentation setup that refer to my android SDK folder -> Doc -> Reference.

Could somebody familiar with Intellij point out what's wrong?



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Please take a look Project structure | SDKs | your Android SDK | Documentation Paths. It should contains "<sdk dir>/docs/reference". Also in what concrete context quickdoc doesn't work? When I go to Activity class -> onCreate() method and press Ctrl+Q (or Ctrl+J on mac) I see full documentation for onCreate method.

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My documantation path contains the exact reference as what you mentioned. I don't mean it doesn't work. When I press the key combination, the javadoc dialog shows up. Example if I show javadoc for A Button object, it only shows the below:


public class android.widget.Button
extends android.widget.TextView


In eclipse, the javadoc will give an explanation of the selected object.

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