Javascript-debugging in embedded Jetty-server

I am able to debug javascript, but I have to access the js-file via the debugger. IntelliJ IDEA 11 doesn't link the two files - the one I can edit locally and the read-only one downloaded via Firefox/Script-debugger.

What I want is to link the two so I can set breakpoints in my editable file, and reload the file in Firefox and se the changes at once. Now I have to set breakpoints in the read-only file, edit in another window reload, and debug in the read-only file - this process is a bit cumbersome.

We have started Jetty as an embedded program, started as a normal application. Is it possible to link js-files in this scenario?

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Hmm, looks like I used local-debugging, and not remote.

In remote I can specify the file paths for individual files but not as a group it seems (e.g. setting a base-folder so file paths are calculated relatively from the base).Although when I specify the local-path for each file, IntelliJ selects the correct file for me.

Problem solved..


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