Project structure: Maven library errors

I use IntelliJ 11 and Maven 2 in our projects and I have a problem with the way the project libraries are handled:

- When the Maven project is imported, the dependencies are added to the libraries along with their classes, source and javadocs. My problem is that in most cases I do not have the source and javadoc for the dependencies and this causes Intellij to report hundreds of errors in my project. This makes it difficult to find other, maybe more severe errors. I would prefer IntelliJ not to have the link to the source and javadoc if they weren't there in the first place.
I can go in and detach them manually, but as soon as I re-import this happens again.

- We have multiple Maven projects with dependencies on each other. When the project is imported, the dependencies are added as libraries. When the secondary project's version is changed, the new version of the dependencies are added to the libraries but the old versions are still in there as well. I would have liked the ability to remove old libraries/dependencies which are no longer referenced in the project.


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In this thread -- -- JetBrains indicated they are aware of the issue and that "invalid source and javadocs paths in Maven libraries won't be reported in the next IDEA 11.0.x build".

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Thanks Mark, that is good news.


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