Idea 11 reports error "Maven: Cannot process resource file" when building

I have a Maven project which contains a dozer-config.xml file in src/main/resources.

Build reports the following error:

Maven: Cannot process resource file: /projectpath/target/classes/dozer-config.xml (Permission denied)

I didn't have this problem in 10.5, and running mvn from the command line does not have any problem either.

The SCM I am using - Perforce - keeps all files on my workspace as read-only until I check them out from the depot to edit them. This means that none of my source files have the writable bit set until I am editing them.

When Idea reports this error, target/classes/dozer-config.xml already exists, with the attributes -r-xr-xr-x (in fact all of the other resource files in target/classes have the same attributes, so I'm not sure why this is the only one to report an error).

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A Project rebuild from within Idea 11 seems to have fixed this. Was just very confusing to see this build error for the first time when making the initial transition from 10 to 11.


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