Perforce plugin won't honor the perforce root I give it

This is IntelliJ 11 (111.69) on 64-bit Windows 7, running on a 1.6.0_29 JRE.

My perforce root is C:\depot, and all sources are under that.

IntelliJ 8.1.4 (which is what I was using before this) has no problem with that being the perforce root.

However, IntelliJ 11 gives me the following error message when I hit "Test Connection":

Connection problems:
Wrong client specification:
Client roots:
Actual root:

I have specified C:\depot in the "Directory" field on the Version Control configuration page and I still get this error message.  Moving the source to be under IdeaProjects is not a possibility.

How can I get IntelliJ to use the perforce root I give it like it did back at version 8.1.4?

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I've submitted a support issue and they've agreed it's a bug:



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