IntelliJ 11 reporting properties as unused that are used (Spring)

We have an integration test that has the following types of annotations defined:

 private String docFolder;

 private String searchFolder;

private String jndiFactory;

private String jndiURL;

private String jaasConfig;

The properties are loaded by a property placeholder tag in the test Spring context file (tag below). It's a Maven project so the properties file is located in <module>/src/test/resources. The module in question has the Spring facet and the test context file is part of the fileset. Runs fine but the editor reports all the properties defined in the @Value annotations as unused which is clearly incorrect. In fact, the IntelliJ 11 editor is reporting quite a few of our properties as unused. The project is fairly complex (50 modules) with a lot of cross-module dependencies that are resolved via classpath when the application is packaged.


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Hi Grant,
thank you for your feedback, we've fixed this bug. Please, try next build.

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Where can I grab the new build? I'm on 111.69 and that's the latest release I see on the EAP site. Thanks.



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