Best way to handle a grails project with inhouse plugins inside IDEA (v10)


Used to smooth java + maven development using intelli, I'm quite disapointed after having joined a grails chop because I'm spending too much time fighting with my tools:

My current setup is to have one IDEA project with single module for each grails component.

- I can't no more use the intellij compiler, and have to use only the grails compile option: intellij compiler can't find my classes from plugin (but the source view is ok). Lot's of time wasted, and I can't no more write a quick concept class with a main to try stuff.
Grails autoreload feature is quite good, but hotswap would be better and quicker in most cases. Another problem is that the grails autoreload doesn't not happen all the time right after code change, generating an annoying wasted time.

- Fixing bugs in plugin is a painfull activity:
  + investigate fix in the local plugin sources
  + copy paste the sources into the real plugin sources
  + package the plugin (quite slow operation with medium sized plugins and slow harddrive/aggresive dummy corporate antivirus)
  + install the plugin to the project using the plugin
  + compile the project
  + run-app

I have tried the inplace plugin configuration, where you can tell grails where the plugin sources are located to avoid using local copy. Intellij detect this parameter, but then grails compiler is failing all the time (could be caused by some code generation done by the plugin rather than being related to intellij).

- Intellij detection of change in buildconfig is somewhat bloated: it is interfering often with my own commands resulting in compilation failure. Hopefuly this is not happening very often!

So I'll be very happy if anyone can give me some advices on how to deal with these problems in order to get back to the productivy I used to have with regular java.
It is a shame to have to deal with this kind of technicall dull and time-wasting problems when using a so-called "framework delivering new age of Java web application productivity."

Thanks a lot.

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