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I am using the Resouce Bundle Editor to edit a bunch of, etc files. In my project view there is a node called "Resource Bundle: 'Captions' " and this children of this node are the two properties files.

I have a few  questions:

1) When I double click the ResourceBundle node, I expect the Resource Bundle editor to open up. Instead, it opens the tree with childnodes. It's logical from a tree point of view, but not from the editor point of view. Can that be cusomized?
2) I cannot add new keys in the properties files. I must open one of the original properties files and add the key. Only then will the new key show up in the Resource Bundle Editor. I would like to be able to add keys from the editor itself.
3) There is no way to navigate the right pane with the keyboard. It contains several textareas for each properties file, but you cannot jump from one to the next.

I am still on IDEA 9.0.4 so feel free to send me a picture of Justin Bieber if this has already been addressed.



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Hi Warner,

  1. That can't be customized. All non-leafs project structure nodes are expanded on double click. You can type F4 on resource bundle node to open resource bundle editor;
  2. Feel free to track IDEA-77122;
  3. No such request is registered at the tracker;



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