High CPU Load in IDEA 10.5


I've been using IDEA since 2002 and generally love it.   But after using 10.5 for more than a few hours on my Mac Pro, the CPU load as shown by Activity Monitor often exceeds 200%, and rarely drops below 50%, even if I'm not using the program.   As I type this in Firefox, and no debugging or running programs within IDEA, the load reads 124, 90, 118, 115, 6, 121, 106, 17, 125, 122, 43, 83, 124, 121, 96, etc....

If I start to type (code) within IDEA, the load goes to

            // 34,293,100,58,158,118,102,145,190,55,106,152,191,62,100,191,84,150,46,150,198, etc..

(I captured that by creating a comment line and simply typing the CPU load that was being updated every 1 second by Activity Monitor).

Clearly, there are all sorts of background processes going on, although clicking the Background Processes button at the bottom of the screen says "There are no active background tasks."   This is true in the sense that I'm not compiling, or re-indexing or whatnot.

The bottom line is that simple typing becomes difficult, as OSX's "spinning beach ball" appears every few seconds.

Here's my environment:
Version: 10.5.2
Build: 107.587
JDK: 1.6.0._29
Memory: 16 GB
Overall machine CPU:  < 5%
Memory usage as reported by IDEA:  788Mb of 790Mb
Memory usage as reported by OSX: 1.43Gb

I have one project open in IDEA although admittedly it's quite large (several thousand source code files, 12 modules, all plain Java (no J2EE stuff, no web stuff, no servers running in simulation, etc.).  

All this slowness occurs simply as I try to code/type.

Does anyone else report the same thing?     Are there particular values in my info.plist file that I should experiment with?

Thanks in advance,
- Dean


Important clarification on the situation:

When I just restarted IDEA, I realized I had a separate, much smaller, project open, but it was completely inactive, with no code or file references to the bigger one.

For what it's worth, I believe I've read about others complaining about IDEA getting slow when multiple project files are open, but can't site any particular posts.  Annecdotally from experience, I think I'd agree.    But it doesn't seem like an idle project with no references to another project should slow anything down.


OK, I made the plist changes to be able to do that, but will have to wait for IDEA to slow down again (following the restart) before I can capture the CPU snapshot.  Probably in a few hours...

- Dean


Hi Denis,

I've uploaded a CPU snapshot as per the instructions.   

Thanks in advance,
- Dean


Hi Dean,
Please provide url to the snapshot file.


The filename is IU-107.587_dzarras_28.11.2011_15.11.11.zip

- Dean


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