"Rename" now has drop-down pick list?

Hitting F6 to refactor a variable name was very handy in IntelliJ.  Now it is less handy, because every time I try it, it asks me to choose between "rename code occurances" and "rename all occurances".  The latter is already available via Ctrl-R ("Replace..."), so why is it asking me? Is there a way to get it to always do "rename code occurances" without asking?

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Hello, Randy

"rename all occurrences" is slightly different from CTRL-R (“Replace…”). “rename all occurrences” finds and replaces variable name and usage of it in comments only in the scope of the variable while CTRL-R replaces all over the file.

There in no way to disable asking if you want to “rename code occurrences” or “rename all occurrences” but you could create issue and vote for it


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