IntelliJ SVN login: multiple attempts in one click


Since I've been using IntelliJ community edition at work, as alternative to Eclipse, I constantly lock out my companies user account.  The problem does lie with the password policy, which locks out a user account upon three wrong login attempts.  Furthermore we need to change our passwords on a regular basis.
So I had to change mine a little while back, which results in IntelliJ complaining about not being logged in to SVN.  My guess is that IntelliJ has already attempted to login once, so 2 attempts left.  Then when I click on the red notification to "fix" the problem, my account gets locked out.  This would mean that it actually tries to login at least twice.  This has not happened only once but every single time since I had to change my password and use IntelliJ community edition.

Is there any way to avoid this, change how IntelliJ attempts to login to SVN, as I can't seem to find anything about that in the settings.


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Hello Thomas,

Were you able to resolve this?  I have the same issue and whenever I exit and launch intellij with multiple projects open, it locks my ID - the same id is used to access multiple systems. :(


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No I was not.  Best thing to do is not to save your username/password, then the system will ask for it every time it'll make a connection.  My problem happened because I had to change my password every 2 weeks with a different one from the last 8 passwords used.

I believe IntelliJ attempts to connect more than once when the inital attempt fails (correct me if I'm wrong).  By not saving your password (not in tortoisesvn and not in IntelliJ) you can avoid that problem.


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