Breakpoint won't stop in a Module

I have a Project with one idea Module. This main project is using an external jar library. This library has its separate Idea Project/Module. I currently need to work on both the library and the main project so I imported the library as Module into my Intellij main Project. The problem is that when I debug the library, the breakpoints won't stop the execution. When I remove the library module the breakpoints set in the library work fine (I then just have to browse the file system for the sources)

What did I do wrong ?


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I think I found the problem.

In the main Module, I set the library module as dependency and the program does stop on the breakpoints. It is still asking me for the sources though. I thought it would figure out that the sources are in the library module.

EDIT: If the module is as the 1st dependency then everything works fine ;)



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