CVS aggregator module and Changes Window

I have a CVS module that only contains reference to other CVS modules.  This is so I can check out 'MasterModule' and get all the referenced 'SubModules' that make up the aggregate module.  The problem is the Changes Window's Repository and Incoming tabs only know about the CVS module 'MasterModule' - which will never have any checkins.

Is there a way to construct my project or configure the Changes Window to consider all the referenced modules?


Do you mean you are using "Ampersand modules" (
It is possible there are some bugs in the way IntelliJ IDEA handles these (see
If you can confirm this is a problem in Ampersand modules I can try and see if I can reproduce the problem.


Yes, I'm using ampersand modules.

When I check-out the ampersand module, I also get the referenced modules.  This works as expected.

When I do a 'Version Control->Update Project' I get the updates for all the referenced modules.  This works as expected.

As detailed in issue IDEA-41662 when I 'CVS Browse' the ampersand module I don't see the referenced modules.

Likewise the 'Changes Window' doesn't consider the referenced modules in the 'Repository' and 'Incoming' tabs.

I turned on CVS logging and did a 'repository refresh' from the Changes Window.  I do see 'cvs rlog' commands executed for the ampersand module and all the referenced modules, too.  So it seems all the data is pulled from CVS, but not displayed in the Changes Window tabs for some reason.


Could submit a bug report here
and attach the cvs.log?

Thank you,


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