php remote debugging

Hi list,

i just tried to connect to xdebug session from intellij idea 10.5
remotely but i can't get it working.
i installed xdebug in php on a linux server. Then i configured
php->server and php->debug in project settings in idea.

My Server-Settings:
host: ip of my server
port: 80
debugger: xdebug

I added a debug-configuration (php remote debugging) and configured it
to use the server above and set an ide key of e.g. "IDEA105".

If i start debugging, debug window says to be waiting for incoming

When i go to my browser and navigate to the server (and append to the
url &XDEBUG_SESSION_START=IDEA105) i thought that it should connect to
the ide...

Am i going the right way, or does remote debugging has to be configured
another way?


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Hello Tilman,

Do you still have the issue?


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